Dear world’s greatest photographer

These images are AMAZING!! You’re incredible! I’ve been bragging non stop about you to everyone since the wedding - honestly Ben you are worth your weight in gold!

We loved having you be part of the most magical, perfectly hilarious and deeply emotional start of our lives! Knowing you were at the helm of all the artistry was such a relief! You went above and beyond - everyone kept asking whether you were one of my family members, because of how well you fit in with all of us! And after that day, we can safely say that you are!

Thank you for putting up with us and taking the time as a family to be part of ours, and help us make such sacred memories!
— Kiki & Kulbushan
We cannot express how thrilled we are with our beautiful photos. Your creativity, imagination & pure panache perfectly captured the magic of our day, while your style allowed our personalities to shine through. Your boundless humour, patience & support turned a special day into a cherished memory (not to mention calmed our nerves!) We just cannot thank you enough for all your efforts. You are truly amazing and we can’t imagine what our day would have been like without having you there.
— Christine & Andrew
What do people say when they see our photos? Nothing. Their breath is taken away and the emotion on their faces say they can’t believe just how beautiful, creative & inspiring our photos are! Ben, you are truly an amazing photographer. You are an artist and such a wonderful and kind person. Our wedding day would never have been the same if you weren’t there to share it and capture it for us. Despite the rain we had so much fun and you were like a little ray of sunshine to make the absolute most of it. We can’t thank you enough for what you brought to the day and the wonderful way you captured our precious memories.
— Melissa & Daniel
I wanted to thank you for creating such beautiful wedding photos. You have an amazing gift for capturing people’s inner emotions and beauty. The photos have brought my sister and I closer together as we didn’t realise before how close a bond we had until we saw it captured in your photos!
— Melissa & Paul
Thank you for sharing our wedding day with us. We loved working with you. Thank you for making our day so much fun! You are a very talented artist, your photos are amazing. You captured all the moments so perfectly. I shed tears of joy when I saw your beautiful photos. We really appreciate everything you did for us throughout our wedding preparations and on our special day. Thank you so much for turning our dreams into reality.
— Nicole & Michael
Thank you so very much for all your hard work and the unbelievable photos of our wedding day. Not only did you capture many wonderful moments throughout the day, the art that is behind the camera is truly amazing. You are very talented - and definitely one of a kind. You not only have passion for what you do, which is evident in your work, but you also make it so enjoyable for everyone else around you. We can’t tell you how happy and impressed we are with your work. Thank you for being our photographer.
— Marina & Manuel
Michael and I will be forever thankful to you Ben, you exceeded our expectations. Our photos are more than we could have imagined and are so original, we absolutely love our wedding photos! Your website was most helpful with your brides guide to photography. You were also honest, professional, helpful and made us feel very welcome coming to your home and workshop. My husband agrees that having you as our photographer was worth every cent. We would like to say another big thank you to you Ben, as you stayed at our reception on the boat on Lake Burley Griffin for longer than expected. You were able to take multiple extra pictures and celebrated the night with us, all our family and friends. This shows your commitment and sincerity to your clients and your love of photography. We appreciated this surprise immensely. All the best.
— Lisa & Michael
Thank you for being part of our happy ever after. Thanks to you our fairy tale wedding was a reality. We can’t thank you enough for giving us such beautiful and happy wedding pictures. We know how much work you put unto them and wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated. We will always remember your talent & hard work an how much we loved celebrating with you!
— Taleah & Aaron
There is no doubt Ben is the most outstanding photographer around! His professional attitude, creative flair and pure enjoyment of what he does shows in our amazing products. He made our day so enjoyable & captured more than words can say.
— Deanne & Jackson
Ben is an amazing photographer. We appreciated how wonderful he was to work with, his creative ideas & talent, his attention to detail, the way he captured the emotions of the day, as well as his hard work & kindness.
— Kristy & Joe
Thank you Ben, you’re a true genius. Your support to me just before I walked down the isle was so helpful. We are amazed at how creative you are. We are blown away by our album, it is so stunning - we love them!
— Janet & Steve
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our wedding photos. The album is absolutely spectacular, more than we could have hoped for. You have such an amazing talent. Our friends and family can’t believe how beautiful the photos are. They are a beautiful memento of our day and we will treasure them. Thank you!
— Rebecca & Jamie
Thank you for all your kind words and support in the lead up to, and on, our wedding day. We are both thrilled with the photos and enjoyed the experience immensely. We had a truly wonderful day and it is wonderful to be able to look back over the photos now and relive all the excitement. Thank you for helping to make our day the relaxing and fun experience it was and keeping our memories alive. With love.
— Lauren & James